Code Scrapbook

Some of my source code did not make it into an own project, because I found out that it didn't work the way I have expected. Sometimes I also lost my interest in that project. Anyhow I have invested some time into research and development. Other developers might be interested in the code.

Now, before you start reading the source codes, consider this:

  • All source codes in the Code Scrapbook are in a very early stage of development.
  • There is no installer. You need to have developer skills to make the software run.
  • Do not expect end user quality. In fact, do not expect any quality at all.
  • The source codes are poorly documented and poorly structured.
  • The software is mostly untested or in a pre-alpha state. Expect bugs, errors and crashes.
  • Do not expect me to fix bugs or add features. However I gladly accept patches.

List of Scrapbook Code

  • acarsclient: A client for acarsd servers
  • dvblib: A Java library for reading (and writing) DVB streams


Creative Commons by-sa

I want to support Open Source development. For this reason, all the code from the Code Scrapbook is published under Creative Commons License. This means that you are allowed to use the source code freely, even in commercial projects. But I expect you to give proper attribution of my work, and to publish those parts of your work that base on my source code, under the same, similar or a compatible license.

To give attribution, it is sufficient to make the consumers of your work aware that parts of your work base on work made by "Richard Körber" and is available at

If you want to use parts of the source code in a commercial project, and do not want to publish any source code or attribute my work, please get in contact with me.

Any Questions?

I will gladly answer your questions to the code snippets. Please check the following FAQ before asking:

  • I am not a software developer. How do I make the software run?

Not at all. The software in the Code Scrapbook is incomplete and not meant to be run by end users.

  • I have just learned Java programming. Can you explain why you did ...?

I am not sure if it is a good idea to learn from code you have found in the Code Scrapbook. The source code is experimental and badly structured. It's a bad example for learning...

  • In the Scrapbook I have found a software that I was looking for. Can you add a feature for me?

Sure! Send me the patch and I will gladly add it. :-)

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